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  • Grinding cup
  • Polishing pads
  • Cutting blade
  • Router bit&profiler
  • Bur&milling bit
  • Hole saw/drill bits
  • CNC Tooling
  • Resin Bond wheel
  • Vitrified bond wheel
  • Sharpening&grinding machine
  • Antique brush
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    New Products Series
    Publisher:admin Published:2012-2-18 20:09:16 Read:2015

    After five years' development and anlalization of overseas markets, and meet our customers' demand.

    JDR Diamond tools will offer as below series for stone,Engineering and constructions in new year 2012:

    1. Diamond blades

    2. Diamond polishing pads for granite,marble,etc.

    3. Diamond floor pads

    4. Diamond cup wheels

    5. Diamond core drill bits

    6.Resin bonded diamond wheels for engineering.

    7.Diamond burs

    8. Diamond files

    9. Air wet polisher/Sander machines


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