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    Anti-dumping duty for diamond blades
    Publisher:admin Published:2012-4-14 10:09:18 Read:1765

    Diamond Saw blades and Parts There of From the People’s Republic of China and the Republic of Korea: Antidumping Duty Orders

    On September 30, 2009, the United States Court of International Trade (‘‘CIT’’) ordered the Department of Commerce (‘‘the Department’’) to issue and publish antidumping duty orders and order the collection of cash deposits on subject merchandise in response to a petition for a writ of mandamus from Petitioners 1 in the antidumping duty investigation of diamond saw blades and parts thereof (‘‘diamond sawblades’’) from the People’s Republic of China (‘‘PRC’’) and the Republic of Korea (‘‘Korea’’).

    Scope of the Orders:The products covered by these orders are all finished circular sawblades,whether slotted or not, with a working part that is comprised of a diamond segment or segments, and parts thereof, regardless of specification or size, except as specifically excluded below. Within the scope of these orders are
    semifinished diamond sawblades, including diamond sawblade cores and diamond sawblade segments. Diamond sawblade cores are circular steel plates, whether or not attached to non-steel plates, with slots. Diamond sawblade cores are manufactured principally, but not exclusively, from alloy steel. A diamond sawblade segment consists of a mixture of diamonds (whether natural or synthetic, and regardless of the quantity of diamonds) and metal powders (including, but not limited to, iron, cobalt, nickel, tungsten carbide) that are formed together into a solid shape (from generally, but not limited to, a heating and pressing process). Sawblades with diamonds directly attached to the core with a resin or
    electroplated bond, which thereby do not contain a diamond segment, are not included within the scope of these orders. Diamond sawblades and/or sawblade cores with a thickness of less than 0.025 inches, or with a thickness greater than 1.1 inches, are excluded from the scope of these orders.Circular
    steel plates that have a cutting edge of non-diamond material, such as external
    teeth that protrude from the outer diameter of the plate, whether or not finished, are excluded from the scope of these orders. Diamond sawblade cores
    with a Rockwell C hardness of less than 25 are excluded from the scope of these
    orders.Diamond sawblades and/or diamond segment(s) with diamonds that predominantly have a mesh size number greater than 240 (such as 250 or 260) are excluded from the scope of these orders.

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