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      Metal Polishing Pads
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    We has developed a new series of polishing pads, the Multilayer Vacuum Brazed  Diamond Polishing Pads, which are made with our invention technology (patent pending), each pad is laminated with rubber or resin interlayer under the Velcro, flexible or rigid, both for wet use and for dry use. The brazed bond prolongs the pad life, thus improving the overall cost of polishing. This new diamond metal pad series is a winning combination of cost-effectiveness and superb results! Standard products see below. Other styles and sizes are available on customer's request.

    The specification of diamond metal pads

    Grit Loop Velcro  Color Product Number              
    3"×3mm 4"×3mm 5"×3mm 6"×3mm 7"×3mm
    30 OLIVE GREEN 3R3M0030 4R3M0030 5R3M0030 6R3M0030 7R3M0030
    50 BLUE 3R3M0050 4R3M0050 5R3M0050 6R3M0050 7R3M0050
    100 YELLOW 3R3M0100 4R3M0100 5R3M0100 6R3M0100 7R3M0100
    200 ORANGE 3R3M0200 4R3M0200 5R3M0200 6R3M0200 7R3M0200
    400 RED 3R3M0400 4R3M0400 5R3M0400 6R3M0400 7R3M0400

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